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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hysterectomy for the Very Large Uterus

As time has gone by I have gained greater experience with laparoscopic hsyterectomy. I am now thankfully entering my fourth year of practice after my fellowship. I have had some very interesting hysterectomy surgeries lately involving uteruses the size of 16 to 20 week pregnancies. That is near or at the belly button in size.

As techniques are perfected the management of these surgical cases becomes smoother and safer. I am now having more patients choose to go home the same day of surgery instead of staying overnight if their pain is sufficiently controlled. This can be for patients receiving supracervical hysterectomy or "LSH", or total hysterectomy as long as the surgery is in the morning and the patient is stable for 6-8 hours after surgery.

This is even possible for a motivated patient with a very large uterus. That is where my satisfaction is gained in offering these procedures. It allows women to be treated and return to their normal activities and lives much quicker with typically less blood loss.

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Minimally Invasive Procedures Offered

  • Hysterectomy - Out Patient Surgery and No Large Incisions
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  • Cystocele/Bladder Repair
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